After answering the online Spanish test Spanish Basic Evaluation, we will conduct a short interview in order to accurately determine your level.
Classes that focus on meaningful and guided conversation. Grammar structures are explained in a simplified and practical way.
Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, and all types of credit or debit cards. You can also PayPal your program our use cash, either USD or MXN.
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Regular classes take place at Wisdom Escuelas de Idiomas Reforma facilities and online. Special classes take place at different sites within the city.
14+, young adults, middle-age people and a few retirees in the summer.
By then you should have completed our online Spanish test. Face to face lessons: you should arrive at least 5 minutes before your chosen class time. If you are doing a private course, schedule would depend on the course type. Online lessons: you will be assigned to a WhatsApp group where a Zoom link will be shared. The Academic Coordinator will provide details of your course on this WhatsApp group.